Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad fundraising email, 2018
Rainbow Railroad donor appeal, Spring 2018

Andrea Houston wrote the donor appeal letter for Rainbow Railroad’s Spring 2018 campaign, “Journey to Freedom”.

In her email to donors, Andrea featured an interview she did with Elena Milashina, the Russian journalist who exposed the story of the anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya the year before.

Oxfam Canada

Oxfam envelope
Oxfam Direct Mail Package

Andrea worked on Oxfam Canada’s direct mail appeal package for South Sudan.

"A Tribute to Legends"

CLGA Tribute to Legends poster
CLGA Tribute to Legends event poster

Andrea Houston was a key planner and showrunner for the Canadian Lesbian + Gay Archives (CLGA) 2018 stewardship event, “A Tribute to Legends”. With emcee Deb Pierce, the event featured storytellers and performers, along with a display of select portraits from the National Portrait Gallery. The event was held at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto.

CLGA Portriats
Portrait display
Fay Slift and her Dancing Boys